Preservation of the base rate of the US Federal Reserve on existing values

The leadership of the Federal Reserve System (FRS) of America decided to maintain the base rate at the level of the currently existing values ​​- 1-1.25%. Earlier, the agency Bloomberg had already assumed that the size of the bet would not be changed. The forecast was based on statements from 93 industry experts and proved to be correct.

The Russian Central Bank assumed that the US regulator was likely to raise the rate by 1% within a year. In the information provided by the bank itself, it was emphasized that the main trends of the American economy for this period of time are:

Reduction in the level of inflation in general;

Reduction in the rate of growth in the prices of products in a wide range.

If you refer to Fitch Ratings, you can see that the increase in the interest rate of the FRS in June can easily be explained by the regulator’s desire to achieve normalization in the monetary sphere in the tightest schedule.

Experts from the field of analytics suggest that the rate of the Federal Reserve will stabilize at 3.5% in three years. In this case, the income for ten years from American bonds will be above four percent.