Teletrade: feedback on number 1 broker on Forex

What is Teletrade? Feedbacks from employees, customers and other companies

In our time, more and more people are trying to find profitable income for themselves. Some, having a basic income, are looking for the possibility of an additional one, others want to multiply available funds, invest them in a worthwhile business, others, having no income, no activity, seek opportunities for self-realization, income and so on. The reasons can be huge, but the goal is always the same – everyone wants to make money. In Western countries, the majority of business ideas, one way or another, is connected with financial markets. Regardless of the main type of activity, most businessmen of America and Europe earn on exchange trade. Due to low financial literacy of a large part of the population in the CIS countries, exchange trade is a relatively new and promising type of earnings. At the same time, this direction is rapidly gaining momentum in our country: more and more businessmen and ordinary people are trading in the financial market. The largest company that provides access to the leading stock and currency exchanges is the Teletrade company. Customer feedback and the company’s impeccable reputation confirm Teletrade’s leadership in the financial services sector.

How the business was formed. Teletrade is the first broker company all over CIS

The stock market dates back to the 13th century, when the first promissory notes appeared in Germany, i.e. securities. After this, in the 16th century, full-fledged exchanges were established in France and Belgium, where joint-stock companies developed. In 1571, the Queen of Britain also formed and opened a stock exchange in London. Today it is considered that the Amsterdam Stock Exchange is the oldest one – it is already more than four hundred years old. Not so old, but no less important is the Forex market. Forex is an international currency market where different companies and banks exchange currencies from different countries. Nowadays, world trade and the economy are directly dependent on Forex. The value of the currency, in turn, depends on supply and demand. That is why every second on Forex there are fluctuations in prices. The average trading volume per day is about 5 trillion dollars. But it was not always so. Earlier, the value of the currencies was fixed and depended on the volume of gold in the country, such a definition of the price was called the “gold standard”, in the late 70s of the last century the “gold standard” was abolished, since then the international financial market appeared in front of us, the way we see it today. In the late 80’s, Forex became available not only to banks, but also to the general population. To access the financial market, the population needed help. Brokerage companies, providers to financial platforms. However, brokerage companies at that time were not so much, that’s why in the early 90’s the brokerage company Teletrade appeared. The people’s feedback on the successes on Forex promoted the trade in the foreign exchange market. Since then, Teletrade is a leading company in the CIS.

reviews about the company Teletrade

Teletrade’s achievements: employees’ feedback, no fines, grateful customers

Almost all large financial companies are regulated by state commissions, various supervisory institutions. As a rule, fines are levied from all these companies, which indicates unsatisfactory customer service. The uniqueness of Teletrade, an official website that is filled with useful information, is that for 23 years of the company’s work, it did not have to pay a single fine, no violations were committed, the company was not involved in any court proceedings. For more than 20 years of successful work, Teletrade has been awarded hundreds of diplomas and certificates. The brand was recognized as the Best Enterprise of the EU, repeatedly the Best Forex Broker in Europe and the CIS. For example, in 2017, Capital Finance International recognized the company as the “Best Forex Broker of Europe 2017”.

The company’s activities are customer-focused, the management of Teletrade understands that many factors depend on the level of training of employees and their attitude to customers. For this reason, the broker conducts various master classes for the employees, also seminars, which provides with decent working conditions, cherishes every employee. Employees highly appreciate this attitude of the employer and try to maintain high standards of the company.

Unfortunately, crises and cataclysms did not pass by the company and in 2013 the banking crisis broke out in Cyprus. At that time, part of the client money was in one of the Cypriot banks, which declared itself bankrupt. This is a force majeure incident and according to the letter of the law, according to the agreement, Teletrade could not restore the “burned” money on the Cypriot account. However, the company took a client-oriented decision and, from its statutory funds, recovered money in customer accounts. This noble act of an honest and reliable Teletrade company went down in history. Reviews of employees and customers after the incident are the best reward for the broker’s efforts. The history of troubled banks in the Baltics was repeated, when the situation was identical with the Cyprus one. There, too, the company acted honestly with respect to customers.

Teletrade: reviews of the Forex market

Feedback on Teletrade from client Victor Emelyanov

Victor Yemelyanov is a successful trader of Teletrade for five years. He said that the guarantee of his success is the freedom and health of his family, so he makes every effort to achieve what he wants. Victor said that he learned about trading quite by accident – saw the advertisement of Teletrade, and became interested in trading in financial markets. He was trained in the company, then tried to trade on a demo account, and then proceeded to trade on a real account. The man said that in the process of trading he discusses the situation on the market with his fellow traders, they share valuable advice among themselves, but each makes trade decisions independently. Victor added that he likes to cooperate with Teletrade, and expressed hope for further fruitful work.

Advantages of working on Forex with Teletrade. The official website of the brand tells everything about the business

The main advantages of Forex before other types of business are:

  1. Absence of competition. Your success and your profit depend only on you and your choice.
    On Forex, you independently analyze the market, make a decision, conclude a deal. At the same time, in ordinary business, in order to be successful, you need to monitor the activities of competitors, which often can not be foreseen.
  2. There is no payback period. You do not spend money on goods, rent of premises and other standard expenses, therefore, there is nothing to pay for, money itself is a commodity, which is not found in practically any other kind of business.
  3. You can try. If you are not sure whether you want to trade in the foreign exchange market, for example, do not know the workflow well enough, are not sure of your abilities, or for any other reasons, you can always try your hand using the demonstration account provided by the company Teletrade. Reviews and comments from thousands of people, who have already dealt with demo accounts, confirm the absence of differences between demo and real accounts. As we all know, in other businesses there is no opportunity to try their hand.
  4. Earnings in a crisis. While most companies incur losses, Forex gives the opportunity to earn in a crisis. In 2007, during the financial crisis, Teletrade’s customers earned on the growth of the US dollar against the European currency.

Taking into account the above advantages, it can be said that the Internet trading provided by the company as a type of trading in the financial market, that stands out against any other business, as there is no competition and payback period, at the same time you can try it without Special costs, and most importantly – you can earn money even when others incur losses.

In order to earn money in the financial market, you do not need to have unique abilities or education, moreover, there are examples in which people with disabilities earned money in the financial market. So, 30-year-old Vishal Agrawal, despite blindness, managed to achieve world recognition in the sphere of exchange trade. He lost his sight in 20 years. Now Vishal independently monitors the price movement in the trading terminal, using the latest technologies, speech synthesis programs. “I hear the price movement and make deals,” the trader from India says. In his 30 years, the guy managed to work in the largest banks and now he manages millions accounts. It is worth noting that the company also makes efforts to find a job for talented people: Teletrade jobs can be found on many job search sites.

Teletrade: customer reviews of the company

Charity of Teletrade: Help for Nikolay Dronin, ATO participant

In addition to its core business, Teletrade is actively involved in charity. So, through its charity project “Help”, an international broker is providing all possible assistance to those who need it. One of the acts of assistance was the arrival of Teletrade volunteers to the ATO participant Nikolay Dronin, to whom the war in the Donbass region brought nothing but two concussions, shrapnel wounds, headaches and memory problems. The state did not compensate for injuries received, as it should be, refused to provide free medical assistance. Teletrade company presented Nikolay Dronin with a computer and a desk, for which the ATO participant expressed sincere gratitude to the project “Help” and the broker Teletrade.

Regular workshops and market-discussions prove the high level of the brand “Teletrade Analytics”

To be keep constantly abreast of the latest news and shares this information with their customers-is the main rule of Teletrade. Analytics from a broker has long become a brand and thousands of customers around the world use it in trading. One of the way to discuss the latest news with the company’s clients is to conduct an open market disk in the office (discussion of the a market situation). At such meetings, experienced employees help newcomers correctly interpret news and events that occur in the world. Reviews of Teletrade analysts are often found on the Internet. Customers write words of gratitude and wishes for the company.

In particular, a lot of information and positive feedback from customers are addressed to Teletrade news. You can find this service in the analytics section on the Teletrade official website. In a round-the-clock mode, analysts of the company with 10 years of experience monitor everything that happens in the world and quickly publish news materials so that customers know and understand everything that is important for the market. Typically, the tape describes the economic situation of key countries, political news, able to move the price of the market and much more, which can affect the pricing of Forex. The company has been cooperating with leading agencies Reuters and Dow Jones for many years.

Analytics from Teletrade

Teletrade: vacancies are for those who are looking for work and VIP conditions for regular customers

What is Teletrade? Teletrade is a company that takes care of its customers. For this reason, the company regularly holds various promotions, also prizes are played. The company has surprises not only for new customers. VIP terms from the broker is a unique cashback system, in which each VIP client can receive a part of Teletrade’s profit. News about all changes in the bidding condition, instant confirmation of the application for withdrawal, bonuses and rebates for VIP customers are carried out in the shortest time.

Teletrade: with the perspective vision for the future

Currently, the brokerage company Teletrade is actively expanding its geography, opening up new branches in the south-eastern region. Thus, Teletrade plans to open a representative office in China in the nearest future. As you know, the People’s Republic of China is a huge power, the world’s largest population. Therefore, it is obvious that in this country there is a considerable demand for the services provided by the broker Teletrade.

Finally, it’d be desirable to mention, that Teletrade is a reliable and honest company that has been actively developing for more than a decade, giving access to the international financial market to the citizens of various countries. With Teletrade, you can and need to earn, because trading is a real chance for success and financial independence.